Th.Ruddy's Report from Meeting on 11th Nov.
Meeting on 12th Nov.
Meeting on 13th Nov.

Reports from Meetings on Crises in Finance and Climate in Brussels

Meeting on 11th Nov. - A Global Contract Based on Climate Justice, at the European Parliament. Speakers with big names such as Stavros Dimas, Lord Nicholas Stern, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Radermacher, Faaij, Nakicenovic and Anders Wijkman were brought together by the Tällberg Foundation, Sweden. MEP Anders Wijkman gave an insightful summary of the event, emphasizing that parliamentarians would have to improve their own process of governance to meet the current pressing challenge of the triple crises. A follow-up conference is planned for November 2009.  

The “’third industrial revolution’ (of which John Schellnhuber of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research has been speaking for years),” is discussed further here by two leaders from the international development community whom I have met, Simon Maxwell and Dirk Messner. 

Meeting on 12th Nov. - Implications of the US Elections for Foreign Policy, Climate Change and International Security, at the European Parliament. 

A lot of hope is being placed in the new Obama Administration. The representative of the Danish government related how his ministers are determined to bring about a successful conclusion of the negotiations at COP15 in Dec. 2009.

I missed this event organized by the same group a month before combining the crises in trade, finance and climate into a "perfect storm".

Meeting on 13th Nov. - Consequences of the financial crisis: A Greens/EFA conference

One impressive intervention came from Ann Pettifor, co-author of the 40-page brochure (I have one) “A Green New Deal: Joined-up policies to solve the triple crunch of the credit crisis, climate change and high oil prices”,  which is described further here, or can be
downloaded in PDF

Video statements by the conference speakers are available here.

Also present was Daniel Cohn-Bendit who “calls for new economic and environment basis to tackle the financial crisis. All the current crises are linked: social, financial and environmental. Greens co-president Cohn-Bendit has called for a New Green Deal to tackle the situation and transparency of financial transfers to tax havens.” En français,

Analysis by Thomas Ruddy
Link to new book and related blog on Rebuilding Global Trade: Proposals for a Fairer, More Sustainable Future

Update: 2nd April 2009

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