Report from meetings on 25/26th April 2006

John Clarke from DG Trade was critical of the US having made a "major strategic mistake" and "painted itself into a corner". Now Susan Schwab was succeeding US TR Robert Portman and demanding the impossible from all so as to convince its domesic farmers that it was demanding the maximum from others. Brazil, he said, was "playing Pied Piper" to developing countries with which it doesn't have as much in common as it pretends.
Clarke downplayed the importance of cutting subsidies and judged instead that the "real future" for developing countries would be in exporting to emerging economies.
A ministerial meeting may be held in June.
Asked what real progress has been achieved, Clarke referreed to the new provisions for cutting tariffs on environmental goods.

Report from meeting on 26th April 2006

Clive George and Colin Kirkpatrick from the University of Manchester presented their:
Clive George explained that the World Bank assessment of welfare gains was based on full liberalization while the assessment done by the Carnegie Endowment assumed only partial liberalization.

Thomas Ruddy asked again about the differences and form of interplay between DG Trade's SIA procedure and the Commission-wide IA procedure. Colin Kirkpatrick replied that he had taken the Commission-wide IA into account "in our base material". Both contractors recommended the IAIA journal entitled "Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal", the September 06 issue of which will be on the SIA process.

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