Th.Ruddy's Report
Update: 18th October 2010

Report from a civil society meeting in Geneva on 28 June 2010 about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

Update: 18th October 2010 see also the online version of the book entitled Against Intellectual Monopoly by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine (esp. Chapter 4 and pp.258-259 in Ch.10).

7th October 2010 per BRIDGES Weekly from ICTSD

Official treaty draft text released after previous meeting in New Zealand (in PDF)

Civil society concerns can be organized into two main areas:

Speakers from China, Pakistan and India (appearing in their personal capacity) were generally critical of the ACTA negotiations, in which their countries are not included. China and India are bringing a complaint to this effect at the WTO. The WTO was represented on the programme; WIPO was said to have declined an invitation by the co-organizer

Speaker Viviana Muñoz Tellez from the South Centre presented an interesting table of related initiatives (which is reproduced approximately below):

TRIPs Council
Dispute Settlement Mechanism
OECD TRIPs U.S. Sp. 301 Report
Interpol G-8 World Customs Organization
Global Congress on Anti-counterfeiting and Piracy ACTA Universal Postal Union

Counterfeit medicines are a growing threat according to:

Updated: 7th October 2010

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