Report from the Meeting on 7th July 2006 about EU Relations with China

Speeches from the main event are now online.

The session on "Sustainable Technologies" met in the afternoon with only a dozen of the 50-some registered participants showing up, much to the disappointment of the moderator and speakers, who protested that sustainable development should be given a higher priority in determining future EU relations with China.

The following presentations were given in the Working Group 9: Sustainable Technologies and Services, here in PDF: From the audience a rep. spoke from the European Wood Initiative, a cooperation project between the national wood promotion organizations in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden., 
See also "13 September" in the list below.

A Finnish lady announced she was planning a business event to be held in parallel with the "ASEM 10th anniversary Summit meeting between the EU and Asian countries". This high-level event is mentioned in the Finnish Presidency statement from 5.7.06 reproduced here:
"As holder of the Presidency, Finland will strive to promote international discussions that could result in an ambitious regime covering all major countries with regard to climate change.....Both policy areas – energy and climate change – will be high on the agenda for the Summit meetings with third countries during Finland’s Presidency, including the ASEM 10th anniversary Summit meeting between the EU and Asian countries," 

See also
"12 September" in the list below.
EU /China Events Coming up in September 2006:
  • From 28-29th September there will also be a China / EU Forum at this event in Berlin. At the previous event in January 2005 during the UK Presidency this document (in PDF) described the strategy for getting some commitment from China comparable to what the EU did to encourage Russia to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.
  • The Club of Rome is considering holding an event on energy in view of the fact that energy security has become such a central topic as demonstrated by the G-8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, on July 16, 2006. That summit issued this statement on "Global Energy Security: Global Energy Challenges."

  • SERI is considering a China / EU dialog like this.

Report from the Meeting on Emissions Trading

This event was held in Brussels by the magazine

The interest of all participants, mainly bankers and traders, was centered on modelling the likely future value of emissions reductions after the crash in the price of a ton of carbon experienced in mid-May with the announcements from member states indicating that their National Allocations Plans (NAP) had been too generous.
Various types of credits are in circulation:

The chain of responses to scarcity in a cap and trade system can be represented in simplified form as follows:

regulatory agency carbon credits coal electric utilities industrial production end consumers

Considering the recent crash in prices to zero, one panel participant asked whether it was really the responsibility of the European Commission to create scarcity giving emission credits a positive value?  The representative of the EC answered "definitely".

Some of the participants will attend in Berlin in September

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