Our reminder to the drafters, wsis.ap@itu.int, dated 25 March 2003

Dear colleagues,
I represent the Environment and ICT Working Group, also known as the Environment and ICT 
Caucus of the CSCG, http://www.wsis.ethz.ch 

We have read your synthesis documents, placed links to them from our Website and have the 
following comments.

Our main tenets have not been given adequate mention in your drafts. I am enclosing a copy 
of my statement to the government delegations  during PrepCom 2, Geneva, 27.2.03 addressing 
the need to not only mention sustainable development, as you have done, but to fill it with 
meaning: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) must serve sustainable development.

We welcome the following passage on your page 2 "11. Environmental protection: Governments 
and the business community must initiate actions as well as develop and implement programmes 
and projects for the environmentally safe disposal (including recycling) of discarded ICT 
hardware and parts." The mentions that you have on page 7 as "41. E-environment:" and on 
page 19, also under "[41] E-Environment", are good as far as they go.

However in particular, we request that wording be included in the draft action plan to the 
effect that:

1. Attention should be paid to the potential of ICTs to increase ecological efficiency through 
further dematerialization of the inputs to society's economic activity. Political action is 
needed to counteract the consumption boost from low ICT prices.

2. Research is also needed on the energy consumption of the Internet, standby losses of ICT 
equipment and ICT systems and ways to increase the useful life of ICT equipment, as outlined 
in the document we submitted to the PrepCom as our input. 

3. There should be better coherence among UN events such as the Johannesburg Summit on SD, 
the Basel Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. This is being attempted by the:
- - General Assembly, "the working group [on Integrated Follow-up to Conferences] commenced 
its work on 27 January 2003 and will submit its report before 27 June 2003," DESA News, 
ewsletter of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Volume 7, No. 1, February-March 2003, 
- - Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 12 March 2003, Working Group on Integrated 
Follow-up to Conferences, reference to selected documentation, comments and suggestions: 
desc-pcs@un.org, http://www.un.org/esa/coordination/ecosoc/wgga/Home1.htm

Please make reference to them.

Thomas Ruddy


Contact: www_wsis@web.ethz.ch

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Update: 25 March 2003

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